Thursday, July 5, 2007

What a long strange trip it's been

We're home. We're safe.

That trip home? It shows you what you're made of. That is one.... wow. Difficult. Difficult, trying, demanding, exhausting, trip.

26 hours into the journey, I turned to Matt and said in an unsteady voice, "We're warriors." Then I swayed slightly to the side. He took the baby from me and replied, "We're warriors who need to sleep."

We went through the entire journey, that started at 530am in GZ the day before, with the Hogan family. It was comforting to have them next to us. Everything we felt, they felt. When we thought we couldn't take another step, we knew we weren't just being wimps. They were as pale and shaky and unsteady and ready to wave the white flag, too.

I'll give more details in another post. I just wanted to let you know I am blogging this from home. HOME! Oh home. How I love my home now.

There's so much yet to tell you. But it might have to wait just a bit.

We were met at the airport by Britney, who has been this family's rock away from home. She has held my family together, what a woman. We stood in the parking garage of the airport, watching fireworks, with her physically holding me up while I babbled incoherently and swayed side to side. Honestly, that's a trip that needs to be broken into two days. The Hogans and we kept saying, "We are not safe to be holding this baby right now."

Britney got us home. She played with the baby while I got into my night clothes, brushed my teeth, popped a sleeping pill (the plan was for me to crash for 8 hours, then take over for Matt) and make sure Matt got settled with everything he needed. Matt slept more on the plane and was more steady than I was. Britney showed Juna the house. They laughed and played. I ran into walls. I waved goodbye at 10pm.

The sleeping pill worked. The next thing I knew it was 11 am. The baby and Matt are passed out together on the couch. I am going to wash everything on HOT water. Get the gifts organized. And see my GIRLS in a few hours! My babies, how I've missed them so much.

I'm still swaying from the motion from the plane. Hence the sleeping pill last night. You lay down and you're still rocking back and forth from 30 hours of travel. I feel like I'm not really here. But I'm home. I'm HOME.

I'll update soon, including pics of us along the journey. I will also have lots of hints and tips for those traveling soon.

We're home. We didn't die in a plane crash. Nothing went horribly wrong in China. We have a beautiful baby girl. I'm stronger than I ever thought possible. I'm a new person. This trip has changed my entire life.

But most importantly, our family is now complete.

I'll be back soon. Thanks for hanging in there with me. I appreciate you taking the time to "take the journey with me."


Katie said...

Oh! Your post is making my eyes water. I am so happy you are home safe. Can't wait to see you!

CallieA said...

Welcome home! We missed you!

playswithyarn said...

welcome back!

as excited as i was to read about your travels, i am more excited to have you back!

laura said...

Welcome home!!!!!

I can't wait to hear about you getting all the girls together!


jiller said...

Congrats! I am so glad everything went well for your family. I think your entry title says it all. Thank you for sharing all of the details, the trials and tribulations of making your family complete. It really is amazing what you guys have been through to get here. Now you get to sit back and watch your girls grow together. How awesome!

jen said...

awesome, I'm glad you're back safely! I can't wait to read more stories as the girls get to know each other!

Anonymous said...

I was overseas in Turkey for three years as a young bride with my soldier husband. It was fun, but when we came home...I was so glad to be HOME. There's no place like HOME! I'm glad you are home safely and I'm looking forward to reading more about your trip and the aftermath. Hugs to all.

HK Muse said...

I am so glad you made it home okay. The return trip is much more brutal than coming over here, and that's not picnic either. I really cannnot imagine doing it with a baby in tow, although maybe I will be lucky enough to experience it someday as the end result is worth it.
You are now a complete family...
I am so happy for you all!
And I can't wait to meet Juna.