Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A routine is getting established

It's a little easier. A little. Slowly. Bit by bit.

The babies are getting on a schedule. I know, some of you roll your eyes at my schedule. Talk to me when you have multiples. Then you won't be able to roll your eyes. Your eyes will be too tired to even blink.

Avie is cutting her first tooth and spends most of her time gnawing on teethers. When a teether isn't in her mouth, she's wailing. Keeping Av comfortable has been my biggest challenge.

J Bug plays happily her toys. When I sing to her, she pounds out the beat on the floor with a rattle. The orphanage had said, "The baby loves the music." They were right. Each day she learns to trust us and her new environment even more. She's learning that her big sister is loud and crazy and her little sister hates getting teeth. She will reach over and pat Avie when she cries. When Avie goes on too long, Juna will pinch her.

Part of the schedule is to feed the babies their solids around 4pm. I put Avie in her car seat and sit Juna next to her. I feed one, then the other. Two birds with their mouths open, ready for more. Today I set up Avie, grabbed the bowls and Juna crawled over and sat next to her sister. After just one day, she knew what was coming and what to do. She catches on so quickly. Which is why the routine is good for her. She feels comforted by knowing what the day holds for her.

Miss Boo has a special big girl day today. My mom watched the babies while I picked up Miss Boo from camp. She raced into my arms and when I said we'd be going out to lunch, she screamed for joy. Screamed. SOOO happy to get alone time with mommy. We had lunch, then I took her shopping for a new doll. She wanted a King Triton doll from Little Mermaid but he doesn't exist at Target. She got Sleeping Beauty AND Belle. Hooray for clearance. ANd when I got home, the babies were napping right on schedule and my mom wasn't completely bald from pulling out her hair in frustration. She actually had a good time with the girls. Who knew my mother could handle "twins."

It might have just been Mr Goodcents and Target with a three year old, but I was out of the house and MAN did that feel GREAT!

The only time my new life is difficult is when I seriously lack in sleep. Say five hours or less a night. I cry a lot on those days. I don't handle sleep deprivation very well. On the days I get at least 7 hours, I am Super Mama!

I had much to discuss with you, but I can only blog in the evenings. Around 730pm, I start to zone out. Perhaps in the future I will have more energy for my old hobbies again. Too tired to blog, imagine that! I have more to discuss about China.

Which reminds me of something... ok, I will leave you with this last story.

You know how most people are really scared of the toilets in China? The Squatty Potties? Well I had a toilet experience today in the good ol USA that I just have to share.

Miss Boo had to poop. Of course she had to poop in a public toilet. She did her thing, I got her all cleaned up and happy. I told her not to flush. I like to use a piece of toilet paper to touch the handle. I leaned over, flushed, and the super powerful USA toilet was so powerful, it sent sprays of toilet water all over my face. Miss Boo poopy toilet water.

That would never happen on a Chinese Squatty Potty.

So there you go. Score one for the Chinese toilet. And the Neutrogena company. I probably used an entire container of face wash to get rid of that experience.

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