Friday, July 6, 2007

Solo Flight

You know it's going to be a bad day when the first thing you do is bend over and rip your pants.

It didn't get any better when seconds later, both babies woke up at once and one was poopy while the other was screaming to be held.

And that's when the doorbell rang.

My day went downhill from there. Jet lag? They're not kidding about that jet lag thing. It's horrendous. Example? I'm an insomniac. I can barely sleep when it's night and I'm in my cozy bed. Today? I was falling asleep while changing diapers. It scared the hell out of me because it felt like I had been drugged. Jet lag literally took over my body and made me completely unable to take care of my children.

It's been three years since I've called my husband at work, sobbing, and pleading, "Please, please come home."

This is when a girl needs her mother. And again, this is when a girl's mother is not available due to the new boyfriend.

Britney came over this morning. Britney, who has young children, yet she's right there. She took Av while I gathered up Juna and took her to her first American DR appointment.

She's 50 percent for height, 20 percent for weight. She's ahead when it comes to motor skills development. Behind when it comes to vocalization. Way ahead when it comes to eating and appetite. She has the croup, which is why the Chinese antibiotics did not work. Her ears looked great. Her boil is of some concern. She's back on oral antibiotics to help clear it up. If not, then she has to see a surgeon. Our Ped doesn't lance boils on a baby. Then Juna got five shots- starting over with the shots, poor thing, and sent off to do a ton of blood work in the coming days.

I came home and Britney left and that's when things fell apart. Alone. With three kids. And me so out of it I kept passing out. I'd put the babies on the floor and literally fall asleep. I'd wake up in a panic, wondering how long I'd been asleep. It was just seconds, but it was enough to scare me. I'd get up and jump around and eat some chocolate, but nothing worked. When I fell asleep and woke up with Juna half way across the room and Av screaming and Miss Boo nowhere to be found, I lost it. A sobbing mess. That's when I picked up the phone and begged my husband to please come home.

He did. I fell into bed and fell asleep in one second. Again, not like me. It can take me hours to fall asleep on a good night. Boo came in and bounced on me. The cats jumped on me. I didn't even flinch.

After an hour, I woke up and was a new person. I immediately took action and put our evening plan into place. And guess what? It worked perfectly. We had our dinner. Then the babies had their dinners. They were changed and put to bed and are sound asleep and it's 730pm.

Lesson of the story- Moms need sleep.

Actually, a mom returning from China needs help. She should not be thrust into this type of situation all by herself. Even an experienced mom such as myself was in a panic all day.

I'm a schedule mommy. My children and I all feel very secure when we have a schedule. We wake up at the same time each day, eat at the same time each day, go to bed at the same time each night. This house is run by the clock and it works perfectly for us? Now? Oh, we need that clock set to American time.

What's really funny is how the babies instantly got in tune with one another. ONe would rub her eyes, then the other would rub her eyes. I'd put them both down and they'd nap. Then I'd peek in and one pop open her eyes, look at the other, and the other would pop open her eyes. They didn't make a sound, just POP! Eyes open, we're awake.

They took all their daily naps at the same time, woke at the same time, and ate at the same time. Well, the bottles were slightly staggered, but the cereal was fed side by side at the same time.

I really did have my moments of doubt today. I really did think I had done something horribly wrong for Juna. How could I bring her into this mess when she deserved to be the only child, getting all the attention? But when I see her reach over and pat Av's head or giggle with Miss Boo, I know we made the right choice. Juna will adapt. We will all adapt. She will grow up with two crazy sisters. We are a happy family who is still keeping a sense of humor. It will all be ok.

I did want to be honest about this part. I didn't want anyone to think this is an easy route to take. Getting children into our lives has always been such a struggle. Each path has brought much pain and heartache. There was a time I thought we'd never have children. And here we are, with three, and we're so appreciative. We're also honest in that it's extremely difficult to adapt to our new lives, only days off a plane from China.

Until then, yeah, I could use some help. If you're offering, email me. We'll set something up. Poor Matt has to work all weekend. I have to work this weekend. It's going to be tough for the next few weeks. Once we all adapt, things will be fine again.


crtarpy said...

Hello! I've loved following your blog and I am glad you and your husband are home safe with all of your children. Thanks for sharing with us.

Jet-lag will kick anyone's butt. It's serious. (as you are finding out) It sounds like you are doing a fantastic job...really! You do what you can do. Everything will be GREAT in about a week. Maybe 10 days tops! :) Sleep will do wonders for the psyche. I remember thinking I made a HUGE mistake after we brought Emeili home because I was so TIRED. But, after a few weeks, it got better. It took a bit longer with us because her sleeping took some time, but it was better...much better...after a week. Hang in there!! Get as much help as you can and know that you are doing a great job for your kiddos. They are all so adorable!

Take Care!! Casey Tarpy (Mom to fellow Suichuan baby, Long Mei Emeili Tarpy)

Louanne said...

Okay I just read your blog from the beginning of the trip to today. It's after 1 am and I am not sure how long I have been sitting here, but I was just dying to finish it. You are a great story teller.

That being said I have a bunch of things I would like to comment on, but now I am too tired. ROFL. We got TA yesterday for our sweet Suichuan baby and hope to be in the air by the 18th.

I opened a word doc while reading your blog and added all kinds of tips from you too it. I love the stuff about the food and the shopping. I am not a purse gal, but even I would like to see the purse mall.

We definately want to get out and experience the area. I pray that things get on a normal schedule for you soon and that you can catch up on your sleep. What an adventure those 2 babies and Boo are going to be for you! Thanks for sharing all your honest and fun thoughts about your trip.


Kitty said...

Jet lag will seriously kick your ass. I've been dying to call you, but I know things are just too insane for you to be able to take half an hour to talk on the phone. You always knew this part of things (adapting, minus the jetlag) was going to be tough, but the rewards are so worth it. Other people have coped with three children - you're just completely unused to it, and you're exhausted. Take care of yourself FIRST, and then you can take care of the kids.