Monday, July 2, 2007

Last day in GZ

Bittersweet. While I cannot wait to get back and start our family, I am also sad to leave China. To be honest, Nanchang was my favorite part of the journey. Take our view here in Guangzhou and then put it in Nanchang, and I would be crying right now because I wouldn't want to leave. Nanchang memories will be the best from this trip. It's where we met Juna and fell in love with the older style of China.

Last night we took a river cruise. It was just ok for me. The food was awful- served buffet style, Chinese, and the only thing edible was the pot stickers and they ran out within minutes. Most of us just skipped the food and took in the view.

The top deck did not have seating. The top deck was very uneven and difficult to navigate, especially with a baby. Of course it started to rain when we got to the best part of the view- the White Swan and the surrounding bars and hotels. On the lower decks, the AC did not work properly and the rain covered windows covered the view. We were very sweaty and miserable so I just bounced Junie on my lap and sang to her. Fortunately it was not a long cruise, nor did it cost that much.

Our guides did warn us to not buy flowers from the little children who swam the boat docks. It's a scam to distract you and pickpocket you. The other agency present did not warn their clients and I saw much chaos and uncomfortable people trying to get away from the mobs of children.

I would inquire about the more private, newer cruise boats. There is a green one with lovely white seating that travels around and looks lovely. I am sure it is pricey, but might be worth it to have a private dinner cruise just for your family. Future families might want to look into that, if you have some bucks to spare. Or perhaps some of the nicer cruise boats. I felt ours was very touristy and not very nice at all.

Breakfast this morning was quite amusing. There's a large group of American high schoolers here for a sports tournament. The coaches were heard saying, "Don't buy anything. You give them money, and they give you their money back, but it's worthless in the United States. It's just paper, it doesn't have any value. It's not real money."

We are now all on antibiotics as our colds have turned into sinus infections. Fear not, Hawk Family, we will not infect you on Weds and Friday!

Today is our last day to shop. Then we will go to the US Consulate for our swearing ceremony. That's what our guide calls it and when she does, I giggle. I picture all of us standing around and using some choice words. I think many in this travel group has some choice words to say right about now. Eh, not worth getting into. Let's just say some of us had fun on our trip and others didn't. Others forgot what the point of the trip was truly about. There. Very PC of me.

I am now almost completely Chinese! You should see me, butting into the buffet lines and pushing my way into elevators and almost knocking people over to get where I want to go. That's not being rude, it's being Chinese in a city packed with people. Our guides explained that to us on the first day and it's so true. It's every man for himself here. Oh, people are polite. But they are not like Americans to be overly polite. There are no lines. There is no real order. You just get where you want to go. And if you want to stop in the middle of the street to chat, people/cars/whatever will go around you. It took me a few days, but I got the hang of things here. But yeah, got some looks this morning when I cut into the buffet line. I just needed one thing and I didn't want to stand and wait. But in, get my bacon, but back out. mmmmm Bacon.....The Chinese man next to me didn't even bat an eye. The American lady behind me seemed miffed. Tee hee. Took me two seconds and I was on my way. that is the Chinese way.

If you are genteel and polite, get over it. Being nice is fine. But it's a different kind of nice here.

Anyway, I'm off to shop. A goodbye letter later today!

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HopefulHeart said...

Ok so I'm a little late to the party. I've been following along eagerly and soaking in every word, just haven't sucked it up to post an actual comment. My daughter is still a far off dream but after reading your blog I'm chomping at the bit even more than ever, ready to go get her! I just wanted to say thanks for letting us live it vicariously through you. I feel re-inspired.

I probably should have led with this....but I have to say your girl is BEAUTIFUL. :)