Saturday, July 14, 2007

Oriental Marketing

We had our first outing with All My Children today.

We went to the "Asian" section of town. Laughable because it's about one block with some random shops here and there.

By the time we got to that section of town, which was tricky due to highway construction, June Bug had HAD IT with the car seat. It's only her second time in one and the first time was only a five minute drive.

Would it be correct of me to say the market had a "wet section" dedicated to live creatures swimming in tanks? Miss Boo was fascinated with the blue crabs, alive and frantically clicking their claws.

I did not manage to find any of the goodies we fell in love with in China. Items we found in the grocery section of Walmart. I fell in love with a baked good from Taiwan. It came two to a wrapped pack. It was round, about the size of a moon pie, light in color and a bit dry. I was told by my Chinese friend it was a milk cake, made of milk and honey and to be eaten at breakfast with tea. Oh it's soooo good. I cannot find it anywhere around here. I also cannot find Juna's beloved Mo Bao cakes, also from Taiwan.

Matt and I browsed the market and breathed in the smells- the good smells we remembered from China. We both said, "I miss China!" Our biggest regret is not extending our visit AND spending more time in Hong Kong. If he had a job offer in HK (that paid for housing) we'd be gone in a flash.

We did baffle a Chinese man in the market. He stared at me holding Juna, then looked at our basket filled with our other children. Back and forth, back and forth. He stood there and really tried to figure us out.

We did not encounter any Caucasians. In fact, since that was our first outing, we have not encountered any Caucasians. I cannot wait for our first Target trip. I can just imagine the stares. I will post when I get my first question inquiring as to how we became this particular family. Especially since the youngest is so fair haired with blue eyes. We are an odd family. In so many ways.

So many people go to China on their adoption trips and dislike it greatly. We totally fell in love. Most evenings I sit here and long to be back again.

And that was our first outing. Other than Juna freaking out in the car and us not being able to find our favorite goodies, it went fairly well.


Katie said...

If you really wanted to feel closer to China smells - go in the little market on the otherside of the street. YOW.

cybrpunk said...

Where did you find a wet market in the Lou?

HK Muse said...

What are Mo Bao buns?
If I know what to look for, I can send you some :)