Monday, July 9, 2007

Friends are asking what they can do to help. You know what would be so appreciated? Food. A small dish of something I can quickly heat up and serve. Just during this adjustment period when there's little to no time to cook and we are both too tired to even function. That would be wonderful! Thank you!

Sunday was rough, I won't even try to make it sound any other way. It was just plain awful. The reason? Mom and Dad were running on no sleep. It is impossible to get anything accomplished or just enjoy being alive when one is that tired. We took turns during the day taking mini naps, as there was so much that needed to be done. I had to work. Car seats needed to be installed. Items for babies needed to be purchased. And the babies were on different schedules. There wasn't one single break yesterday between babies, chores, and trying to sleep. I don't consider a nap a break. It's a chore. When I lay down and HAVE to sleep, I can't. "Come on, come on, FALL ASLEEP ALREADY!" The pressure makes me anxious and I cannot drift off.

But we made it through the day. And now it's Monday and we both got some sleep and the world is a much nicer place.

Today I had to take June Bug in for a series of blood tests. I first went to a lab close to the house. No one was at the front desk, but I could hear the lady talking in the back room. I knocked on the window. I called out. Nothing. The lady kept talking and talking. So I took Juna's rattle and shook it as hard as I could. The lady came flying out to the front desk. "Oh, I didn't know someone was here!" Then she told me that she couldn't help me. She couldn't give a baby a blood test on her own, she needed two people. Go to the lab down the street. Ok fine. Loaded up the baby and guess what the gal wants to do? Ask me ALL about adoptions. The baby is screaming, I'm rushing, and this chick is asking me how much the adoption cost! Second time it's happened since landing in the good ol USA. The first was by the flight attendant from Chicago to STL. The nerve.

I'm usually pretty polite but today I just turned around and left while she was still talking. Totally unlike me, but come on. I've got a screaming baby!

We went to the next lab. No other customers, good. Told them what happened. They said, "What it the lab on (BLAH BLAH) street?" I nodded and they rolled their eyes. "You don't need two people, she's just lazy."

One problem. They couldn't find a good vein. The baby is so upset and crying so loudly and they keep moving the band from arm to arm and she's being pinched and is so scared. They took THREE STICKS and still did not get blood from her. I finally said, "ENOUGH," and was told to come back another day. Juna buried her head on my shoulder and I rocked her to sleep. Tucked her into her car seat, and went to the door of the lab. 12 customers in that lab and not one person offered to get the door for me. There was a lady standing there with a very bad Louis Vuitton fake purse, I might add, and she just looked at me. She watched as I struggled to open the door. Didn't even reach forward to hold the door for me.

Then I get to the front door of the main medical building. Again, I am having trouble with the door. I've got two people behind me and one on the other side of the door. Did any of them get the door for me? Of course not. They made the lady holding the carseat in BOTH hands get the door for all of them.

Honestly, what is wrong with people???

I miss China. I miss how polite people are. I miss good service.

Oh, and how odd is this- there was a ladybug crawling on the box of gloves in the lab. Ladybugs are a big sign for those of us in the China adoption community. Usually it's a good sign. This ladybug was slightly yellow. Maybe THAT's a sign of it's own.

Alright, it's baby time. Back later.


Anonymous said...

I have been a lurker on you blog since you posted your referral on RQ. June Bug is just too adorable for words and your two bio daughters are absolutely beautiful - all heaven sent! Congrats!!!

I have quite enjoyed your posts from China and from home. Thanks for the glimpse into you adoption travels and your adjustment to a Mom and Dad of three beautiful girls.

As a BTDT parent to a cutie myself, I would advise you to forgo the labs for bloodtests on a little one. They are not very well equiped to handle a small baby for all the blood work required. We went to our medical lab only to be referred to our local hopital. They were extremely good and had the equipment to handle teeny veins. Unfortunately for DD she sat up even with three of us holding her down and blew the needle right through her vein in the middle of the blood letting (she is extremely strong for such a little thing) and they then put her on an infant backboard that velcroed her down head to toe so to get the rest of the viles filled. We were all astonished (we had drawn a crowd by then) that she still managed to free her enclosed arm and actually kick off a shoe while being velcroed. She took the trama quite well and stopped crying immediately when in my arms. I was probably more upset than she but I kept telling myself it would be for her own good to know what medical issues she may have.

Hang in there. It took me 3 to 4 weeks to get back on my feet and that was with only one DD wanting my attention. Time is the cure.

Congratulations again!

fujiancutiesmom from the RQ site

Anonymous said...

Email me and tell me what you want to eat. I am going to Alison's b-day party on Saturday at 5 so I could bring something by before that. But I need a request.

Kitty said...

Interestingly enough, ladybugs as a sign aren't limited to China or adoptions.. I've looked out for them since I was a little girl, and when Grace was born, I remember seeing a ladybug crawling on the window glass. In January. Signs can be odd things.

I'm so glad you guys are getting rest and settling in, but ignorant people suck the big one.

Donna said...

Now see, me, I would have said (very loudly), "Excuse me, could some one please help me with the door?" Sometimes, when people aren't using thier good manners, you have to give them a little shove. Hey, I have a 4 year old - I know about people needed a wack up side the head to remember their good manners! ;)

Katie said...

I was in the grocery store and tried to put Sofie in a cart. She was having none of it and arched her back and would not bend. She screamed and refused to let me sit her in the cart. So I was struggling and realized the cart dude was coming in from the parking lot with his long stream of carts with a bunch of shoppers behind him. He was waiting for us to get out of his way and holding back the people behind him. I was frantically trying to get Sofie to cooperate. Some woman comes up to me and tells me to hurry up - that people are waiting for me to get out of the way. I just looked at her and told her I was doing the best I could. Seriously - these people can't wait for an extra 15 seconds? I spotted one of those steering carts - you know the blue ones with the steering wheels - and put a happy Sofie into that one. The nerve of some people. Plus the woman looked like there may have poss. been a metal pole stuck up her you know what.