Thursday, July 5, 2007


Oops, slightly out of order, sorry. Av is not happy. June Bug is about to comfort her little sister.
Juna's "American Baby" outfit that she wore from Chicago to St. Louis. She became an American Girl on the 4th of July, our wedding anniversary. How cool is that? Oh, and on the flight from Hong Kong to Chicago, we had FOUR SEATS in a ROW! The family next to us decided to get bumped, get 1500 bucks, and take a flight five hours later. Tempting as it was, we wanted to get home ASAP. It was wonderful to have all that space and only have to pay for two seats.
Here's the American Girl in her fourth of July firecracker nightie. First night home.
Juna is cruising the couch just as Zappa walked by. She is amused by the cats, but more amused by me saying, "Kitty kitty kitty!"
Juna meets her unhappy little sister and tries to comfort her. Later, Juna was banging stacking cups on the floor. Av watched her a moment, then joined in.

Miss Boo, dressed in her favorite princess dress, yells, "I LOVE YOU!" at Juna.

Miss Boo, in her red Chinese dress, waves her arms in the air. Juna copies her. I got the pic just as Juna's arms were coming down.


jen said...

awww poor Av! She looks like someone beat her up. I just want to pick her up and hug her.

Shannon said...

In an odd way, it almost looks like Avie was adopted!

Cute, cute, cute, more super cute, cute cute cute. You are so blessed.
I LOVE the cat tail in that photo.

Poor Avie. Yeah, she needs some Mommy TLC.

You'll be fine. And I hope that no one will be snide to you when you do go "What was I thinking?"

Do you have any research into how to raise twins? I wouldn't have a clue.

So I have a weird question, and it may never get answered, but it's not a big deal.
If they paid people to bump to the next flight... why was there space on the flight then?
I don't fly enough to understand that business.

May the force be with you. ;-)

Dianna said...

Your girls are gorgeous! Absolutely gorgeous! YAY!

Boo (in profile) looks so grown up. Her hair is so lovely.

And the "What was I thinking?" thing... I can only imagine how normal that feeling is. You've got instant twins, both with their own routines, own habits. They're old enough to be pretty annoyed when things change. I just think that in itself would be enough to send me a bit stir crazy.

Yes, I state the obvious! So sue me!

twolinesonastick said...

Your girls are so cute. I can't wait to see them ALL. Your whole family. Awww :)

And as far as the "what was I thinking" well I had that after giving birth to just ONE child and being responsible for her care. And you have much more than that on your plate. I'm sure it's a normal feeling, but if you need help let me know and I'd be glad to leave Bailey with Jonathon or my mom for a while and come over. I mean it. I know you don't like to ask for help, but I am more than willing to help.

Anonymous said...

I think Av was just exhausted.

-your loving husband

MessyJessy said...

What an INCREDIBLE story! I've read every post and am just fascinated by your journey!

Lil Miss June Bug is a beautiful baby! Congratulations!

JaenShaesMom said...

Your girls are BEAUTIFUL!!! I haven't seen Av since she was in the NICU! She looks so big to me. I am so happy for you, Matt, and your very fortunate girls. You truly do have the "Charmed Ones."