Saturday, July 21, 2007


I knew our family would attract attention. I was all prepared for the comments. We in the international adoption community (oooh how I loved writing that) have heard them or have been briefed on what we will hear. Bottom line- people who haven't BTDT, don't know the lingo. They don't know how to delicately phrase a question so as not to come off as an insensitive arse. Or maybe they are insensitive arses and therefore, all is lost on them anyway.

Example- (as they point to the children) "Which ones are yours?"
(Or, as they point to the baby from China) "How much did she cost?"

I wasn't prepared for this one:

"Are you babysitting?"

I took the girls out for a walk in the stroller on Friday and heard the above question twice in ten minutes. And one person knew we were adopting from China. When I reminded her, she smacked her forehead and said, "DOH!" The DOH made up for any annoyance I felt at her forgetting our situation.

We took All My Children out to lunch today. Juna hates the car seat. The entire trip to and fro any destination has the soundtrack of a baby wailing in anger. Sounds familiar. Miss Boo did that her entire first year of life. She stopped when we could finally turn her around to face forward. I predict similar results with June Bug.

Lunch was a success! Av lounged in her car seat, J Bug sat in a high chair and ate piles of food, Boo was a good girl, and Mom and Dad ate too much, too.

Seriously, do all China babes eat THAT much food? She can eat adult sized portions of food. Our Ped said to let her. She's underweight and needs to gain. But seriously- WOW that girl can eat.

Speaking of... I've not been dieting. Eating now is simply for survival purposes. I don't care if it's high fat/low fat/loaded with high fructose corn syrup/10 days past the expiration date. Can I throw it into my mouth while rushing off to calm a screaming baby? Can it be cooked/eaten/cleaned up in five mins or less? I'm eatin it!

Have I gained or lost weight? I don't know and I don't want to know. Seriously, don't tell me. Yesterday I ate half a container of blue crab dip from Costco. There's 32 servings in that little container. Must not think of all the calories and fat I consumed. LA LA LA LA LA happy thoughts, happy thoughts.

My generous friends kept us in food for two weeks. Now we must cook for ourselves again. I predict many frozen meals in our future. Hopefully cooked before eaten.

Speaking of generous friends- my invitation for Juna's shower arrived yesterday. My friend hand made all the invites. She has a three month old baby, people. I don't know how she does it. When Boo was three months old, I was still in my sweats and Tshirts, no makeup, hair everywhere, and curled up fetal style while sobbing, "When will I ever sleep again!"

No one has ever thrown a shower for me. I've been married twice. I've had three children. Not one single shower thrown in my honor. Wow, I must be a raging bitch or something. Tee hee. So you can tell how honored/awkward I feel about this. Especially when I heard that people actually wanted to attend. I'm really touched by this. But also a bit freaked out. What if they have a bad time? What if I say something completely out of place and they go, "WHY did I even bother showing up for you?" Then I'll always be known as, "now I understand why no one ever threw a party for her before" girl.

And now we see why no one throws parties for me. I'm socially awkward. Gee, what gave it away?

I love the weekends. Parenting is so much easier when Daddy's around. How come Saturday and Sunday always fly by?


twolinesonastick said...

Part of the reason I am able to do stuff like that is because my baby sleeps 11-12 hours at night, only waking to eat once. The other thing is that my mom loves to just sit and hold Bailey while I do stuff :) Although I do like to give the impression that I am actually, in fact, superwoman :)

playswithyarn said...

i distinctly remember being at a shower for boo. of course, i was pretty stoned-- so i don't remember who threw it.

Funny In China said...

I threw the shower. Sad, huh.

Katie said...

You are not socially awkward - I would have noticed - believe me. And you are not. You are the anthisis of un-social as well. Just have a good time and relax!

So far everyoe I know had a really hungry baby when they got home from China. Most of them have slowed down after a few months or even less. Sofie slowed down too. She really shoveled it in at first. Stuffed her mouth so full that sometimes she would have to unload some in order to swallow. On the occasion where she is really hungry she will eat really fast - but nothing like she did the first month or 2 when we first got home. Although for lunch the other day she ate an ENTIRE carton of blueberries.

Jill said...

We have been getting (and are nice to have on hand in the freezer) the Bertolli frozen Italian meals. They take about 10 mins, on medium heat in a nonstick saucepan, one stir, and dinner is DONE for you and Matt. They each serve 2 adults comfortably, and we usually have some Cole's garlic bread with it if we are really short on time, or I make some from scratch. Whole meal takes literally 15 minutes from turning on the oven for the bread to eating. I like veggies or a salad with it too. Anyway, that might be a good option for quick easy dinners that take very little attention. AND THEY ARE SO GOOD!
They have several varieties, and you can look through the descriptions and decide what you like before you go to the store...which I'm sure reading it online rather than in the grocery store with the girls would be helpful. We have bought them at probably every local grocery store chain.

Hope that's somewhat helpful, and doesn't make me sound like a big ole ad for their stuff.


Julie said...

hey, I can make a dinner for you just email me details.