Monday, June 25, 2007

Weather or not

About 3pm today (Monday) the skies became black. In an instant, rain was pouring down in sheets. Matt and I were staring out the window going, "Wow, what a storm." That's when debris started flying and the windows began to shake. We're on the 11th floor. We grabbed the baby and headed into the hallway with the other families. Those of us from the Midwest wanted to take shelter. Other families soon joined, saying they saw guys on the road abandoning their scooters and running for cover.

When the storm stopped, Matt and I went exploring in the hotel. The lobby was completely flooded.

We went back up to the 11th floor to learn that the Hogan family, (oh the poor Hogan family) is now flooded out of their rooms. The Hogans, who still have not gotten their luggage from the Chicago to Hong Kong flight. Our new expression is, "Oh those poor Hogans!"

Lina, our guide from the agency joined us on 11 and said, "Oh that was just a typhoon."

A typhoon!

Matt thinks it was a 6 out of 8. Not that he's an expert or anything but it was BAAAAAD. The streets below are completely flooded.

And we, the idiot Midwesterners at the window going, "Look at the debris flying around!"

We know better!

We have a little flooding, but not much.

The Hogans will be moved, I'm sure. This hotel is very attentive to your every need.

A cleaning lady just brought us a stroller. It's time for MAtt to head to the store. I'm keeping the baby inside, thank you.

Awww our first typhoon. Hopefully our last!


Katie said...

Hi - I need to get caught up on your posts. Seeing Juna's beautiful face just made my day yesterday. There are just no words to express are there? I wanted to post this first though - just spoke with your Mom and all seems to be going very well. She was a nice as can be and is so excited for you guys. Your friend took the photo from the blog over and your Mom thinks Juna is BEAUTIFUL. She seems so excited for you guys and was worried about the pollution. But all is well - no problems at all. Ok - Im off to read your posts. I think there was another email? But I'm not sure?

Anonymous said...

I want you to know I'm typing this thru tears of joy for you. I had been worried about you, that you would be sick, that the baby wouldn't take to you but it seems things are going wonderfully. You are responsible for my msacara running. JuneBug is beautiful, and you are lucky people!

Katie said...

Wow - just read all of your new posts about gotcha day and Monday. She sounds like she is doing so well. What a relief! So sweet about the part where she was holding your hands! It is amazing how well the babies do - esp. after they have been through so much in their short lives. So resiliant. I imagine the heat adds a whole new level of difficulty to the trip. I feel horrible for the family that has no luggge. That was something I dreaded happening. Man - at least when they moved rooms they did not have much to pack up and move. Knowing Lina she is prob. working hard to help them find their luggage. Now that the mad rush of gotcha day and the official adoption day is over I hope you all can relax a little and get some rest. Going to Walmart for supplies is a hoot. Very different than the Walmart we know! Can't wait to hear more. Juna is to die for! (and so is that bonnet)