Thursday, June 28, 2007

Can someone please call Marge and tell her we might not call for a few days, due to going to GZ (say Gwan-Joe) and not being sure of our schedule at that point? We will call once we are settled in. Tell her not to worry, all is well here. Still having fun and baby is fine, except for a small cold.

And please tell her about my Asian beauty salon experience. HAHAHA

Also, she should be jealous about the food. Marge would love the food here, too



Katie said...

I will call her right now -

Katie said...

I called and left a long message and also asked her to call me back

callie said...

And I'll be talking to her tonight, so I'll also relay the message!

Britney said...

I got a hold of Marge. She was happy to receive the update and she said not to worry about being out of touch.

The girls are both doing well.

Pat said...

Hey Mae, I want a photo of your new hair-cut! Not that we see much of little Miss Mae in ANY of the photos! HINT-HINT!