Monday, June 25, 2007

It's 1am, I must be lonely

1am and true to form, I am wide awake. Thought I'd blog instead of laying in bed and staring at the crib.

Sniff sniff, cough cough. I'm sick. Just a stupid cold, but still, annoying. Oh, and remember how I described the "western" hamburger? Yeah. The one time I order a western meal from room service and I get SICK! Blehhhh puking sick from my burger. Recovered by dinner time, ordered dim sum, feel great other than my cold and raging insomnia. And there appears to be a spider living in this room who feasts on me at night. I am now covered in Off, hoping it works. Hey, it sounds like I'm bitter. I'm not. the only true thing I'm bitter about is my lack of sleep. By 5pm, I'm wrecked. I'm literally falling asleep and unable to go to dinner. I force myself to stay awake, yet in a daze, until 7 or 8 pm. Then by 1am, hello world! My sleeping meds are not working, either, weird. Honestly, that's the only thing truly bothering me.

Yes, it is polluted here. You can smell the exhaust. I don't smell other "strange" china smells that others have described. Just exhaust for my exhaustion, haha. Oh, and we are on a non smoking floor but some moron keeps lighting up. The baby will wake up coughing because it's so strong.

Matt went to the local grocery store and had a great time. He loved picking out local treats for us to try. I especially love the graphics on the products. Everything is so HAPPY. Bubbles with smiling faces flying through the sky over triangles that are laughing. On the dish soap. Oh, and we watched some TV last night. Japanese channels and local channels from several of the provinces. Nanchang has two channels. They were featuring a story about break dancers who annoy people on the streets with their dancing. But the commercials? Oh, classic stuff. Just as hoakey as American commercials, but with that extra twist of those insane pop graphics.

Hmmm just posting my random thoughts....

Oh, and we get annoyed if we can't eat with chopsticks. We want that true China experience, dontcha know. We draw the line at eating feet or faces, tho.

Oh that baby. THAT BABY! We are so in love.

She loves playing with stacking cups- thank you Katie for that idea! She can play for hours. Literally, hours, with her stacking cups. She loves it when I put one on my head, let it fall to the bed, and go, "BOOM!" She will giggle and giggle and giggle. She wants me near her. If I use the bathroom, er TOILET, she will panic and cry. So we take turns leaving the for potty breaks if need be. Then she just plays and plays. But she will pause in her play time to lean forward and nuzzle us. We lay beside her and she will lean down and rub her face against our faces or foreheads. I hate that I'm sick because I know she's next. She has a way of hooking her finger right up my nose! Welcome to the family, June Bug. When one member gets sick, we all get sick. Oh, but that nuzzling! She's giving us love and it just melts my heart.

She does not like going places. If we walk her around the hotel, she panics and wants to go back to the room. I think she fears we are going to take her back. She clings to us and wimpers and when we get back to the room, she plays and giggles and is happy again. Honestly, she can go for hours playing on the bed with one stacking cup.

She is teething like mad. Matt got her a penguin teether at the local grocery. Honestly, I should have brought more toys. And diapers! If I knew Walmart was going to be on Day 3, I would have packed accordingly. I packed pretty lightly.

I am having problems accessing Yahoo, so I am unable to read your comments as often as I'd like. I did get a question- how old in The Bug? She just turned 8 months old. THank you for the comments, really! I get to them as the Great Firewall allows. Yes, she is gorgeous. That's all we hear when we walk around the hotel from guests staying here. "Such pretty baby. Such big eyes. Such pretty skin. You like baby?" We say yes yes we love baby. "Does baby like you?" We laugh and say yes, thankfully baby likes us, too!

There are no clothing police here so far. No elderly ladies to ask us to cover her up. It's just too hot for that. In fact, people hardly look at us. It's so common to see Westerners with Asian babies in the areas we've been. Perhaps today at Walmart we might get the questions or stares.

I forgot to mention that right after Gotcha, when we got on the bus, a daddy from our group handed out cigars to the other daddies. Classic!

Alright, let me TRY to get some sleep. I hope you are liking all my talk talk talk on this blog. I swear, this is probably the most talky adoption blog ever. It helps that I type a zillion words a minute and am so blog savvy. I can do this and no one is ignored and you get all kinds of great details AND so do I for later memory archiving.

Achoo! Night night.

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David said...

It is Alex again! and actually Scarlett is helping push buttons! Oh this is so lovely and exciting :) I am so happy for you guys! This is great....ok back to the story.