Tuesday, June 26, 2007


I can't believe we leave China in one week. I was once a person who thought, "Why would anyone CHOOSE to visit China?" Now I am someone who can't wait to come back. I need oodles of money. I would make the best world traveler!

We stayed up too late last night- 9pm, oooh ahhh so late! I managed to sleep until 3am. My body clock is moving forward to CHina time, it seems. Baby woke up at 5am. It is now almost 6am as I type this. She is gulping down her bottle with Daddy.

She woke up and we brought her into bed with us. She flipped over and did her little rock back and forth crawling and just grinned and grinned when we cheered. Sorry to our travel mates next door. I am sure we woke them up! I believe the nannies at her orphanage cheered for her as well. She just let out a big burp, I turned around and cheered and she grinned and laughed.

This is going to be a pretty random post, so bare with me.

A special shout out to Fluid Pudding- please note that the bacon here is the best bacon on earth. It's served at all the hotel breakfast buffets. It's wide, not too thick, not too thin, and full of flavor. I'd bring some back for you... but... bleh...it woud be green and full of strange flavors by then.

Can someone pass this address along to Tempe? I don't think she has it???

Harvey and Laura- come visit in August. Just let us know when.

Three on the Verge- we are dining on the 2nd floor. All those mirrors when you get off the elevator! So confusing. There is a lovely Chinese lady to direct us into the dining hall. Which is good, because I'm like a bird banging into a window. I get very confused in that hallway.

HK Muse- we have a four hour layover in HK on the 4th. Can you visit? Or will we be in a security restricted area? We fly in about 845am from GZ and leave about 1245pm.

Thank you for all the comments. Seriously, I love getting them. Do not hesitate to post. I love the connection to home.

June Buggy is on the bed with Daddy and going BAH BAH BAH and laughing and smiling and having a great time. She is so happy this morning. I wonder if this is the "day 3" baby everyone talks about? Considering we got her late in the evening on Day 1. They say the babies show their true personalities on Day 3.

We have a gal in our travel group who is over 6 feet tall and blonde. When she walks down the street, the Chinese men stare at her and then stare at her rear end when she passes. Even in China, men appreciate a nice tushie. It's universal!

Most of the men in our travel group are quite tall or large. Except Matt. Tee hee. It's so amazing to see these huge guys with their tiny babies. One daddy is a big tattooed fellow and he just melts when he holds his daughter. The daddies carry around the babies in snuglis or various carriers or push them in the strollers. THey are so proud of their daughters. Of course this gets a lot of stares in Nanchang. You see a lot of daddies with children in Nanchang, but not being worn on their bodies. In fact, I have not seen any baby wearing here yet. I am the only person I've seen with an Asian baby carrier!

It's so true how wild the conditions of the babies in our group varies.Some are floppy and newborn-like and not eating solid foods and some are almost walking. The best advice I can give to future parents out there is to join your SWI's yahoo group and talk to other parents to get an idea of the possible condition of your baby. It may or may not be accurate, but I found ours was completely accurate.

I was told Suichuan babies are:
Right on track or ahead on motor skills
Well fed. Fed a lot of solid foods.
Receive a lot of stimulation and attention
Fairly healthy
Boils being the main skin ailment
Also known for being "pretty" babies - meaning pretty according to Asian beauty standards

People don't like the discussion of pretty babies. All babies being beautiful and all. I can say that none of the babies in our group look alike at all. Some have full heads of hair that need to be held back with bows. Some, like mine, are baldy waldies! Some have smaller eyes, some have rounder eyes. Some are darker complected, some are lighter. They are all so damn adorable you just want to squeeeeeeeze them!

Shannon made a comment that really hit home to me. We all say the babies will have better lives in the USA. It's true that having a family will give them a better life. But I would argue that life in China isn't so bad, either. They have their fair share of problems and struggles, but we do in America as well. I love my country, but I am also falling in love with my daughter's country.

People hear of us staying here two weeks and usually say, "UGH!" To me, two weeks doesn't seem long enough. I am so glad we get this time with our baby before going home to reality. This hotel living where all our needs are met is pretty sweet. We can focus entirely on her. And yeah, the food.... my gosh the food...

Ok time to start the day. I am going to head to Tiffani's, which opened back up yesterday! I am going to get our daughter's finding ad. Then we will do some local shopping. I'll be back, of course. I am so glad you are enjoying my blogging.


Three, on the verge of four said...

So glad to hear all is going well. For the shopping area that we went to, go out the front of the hotel and make a hard right. Go several (4-5?) blocks and look for the big red inflatable arches over an open plaza-like area to your right. There will be several "blocks" of shops. You can cross more streets and the plaza continues. At the very end of it is also an underground type of shopping area. I don't remember the names, but there were a few cute kids shops on the right side of the plaza, maybe only a block or two into it. I think one was may AICO or AIKO or something?

Have FUN!!!!


playswithyarn said...

you should plan a return trip with all the girls when they are old enough to appreciate it. It would give you a chance to visit again, and a chance for juna and her sisters to appreciate it.

i am thinking about you guys everyday. i can't wait for the three of you to get back!

Ken Hammer said...

Sounds like things are going well for you. I would recommend that you get your camera developed prior to Guangzhou just incase the security x-ray zaps it. After you develop the pix, you'll see why she prefers you. Anna was and still is very serious. There is a message there, not sure what it means. No issues with Asians though. Great experience if you can go to a village to see what type of living conditions your daughter may have had. There is one about thirty minutes outside of Nanchang. We are still trying to get Anna's finding ad from Tiffanie's. Jack is trying to get it for us. Said it was in a paper that they did not have. If you get a chance, could you ask them about Long Li Chen's ad? Her birthdate is 8/24/06. The beds are harder but the AC works better at the WS. We can pass along more tips when you get there. Silk dresses are 25 Yuan just in-case you are wondering. Tiffanie's will ask for $25 USD, says it's justified because they are handmade. Did not get the same response at Walmart. Saw the eels though. Let us know how we can help. Take care...

jiangxigirls said...

Love the posts. We were a group of 14 Suichuan babies and none of our 14 look alike. Looking forward to the next installment....

Jill said...

June Bug is absolutely adorable. I can't wait to meet her in person. ;)

Arlene said...

You really like it there? I wish I could go to china and enjoy it but I think I would have had a nervous break down by now and had to come home. Im a wuss!!

Every time I read about June Bug I get all teary eyed, I think it's because I gave a child up for adoption and it just touches me to read about your experience. Of course mine was much different, more american and I stayed in touch with the adopting parents over the years.

cybrpunk said...

Unfortunately we won't be able to come see you during your layover. Just like in the states, you have to go through security and immigration with a valid ticket to get to the gates where you will be. We'll have to wait till we come back to St. Louis next time.

twolinesonastick said...

Yes, I love your blogging... and the great thing is the time difference. I can expect to have new reading material when I get up at 4 a.m. to feed the muffin!

Angela said...

You have inspired me. I will now be planning our International Bacon Vacation!

I'm so glad to read that things are going swimmingly.

Anonymous said...

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