Friday, June 29, 2007

Friday night in GZ, where it all falls apart

Ok, that was dramatic, but I've HAD IT.

We are in GZ.

We have a sick baby.

Granted, the flight here was short, but there's all that airport hoo hah to deal with. And a sick baby on a flight next to a grumpy business man. A sick baby whose ears are not popping. Screaming baby, even with a bottle. It was not fun.

Then we landed, got luggage, and were on a chartered bus to the White Swan hotel, which is where all the adoption parents stay in GZ. Our guides were passing out breakfast coupons, maps of the hotel, lists of the rooms (most importantly, where they are staying) and other assorted GZ info.

They did not have anything for us. I just had a feeling things were going to go downhill from there.

I got off the bus and our guide handed us some leftover coupons and said, "Sorry, I don't have any other info for you. I will get it to you later or tomorrow. " Ok cool, at least we can eat in the morning.

We get to into the hotel and that is when I got sick. Must have been the airplane food- very spicy, but I as hungry, so I ate it. Big mistake. Another family took care of Juna while Matt checked in and I was sick in the bathroom.

Keep in mind that poor Juna is an hour past her bedtime, hungry, sick, and freaked out.

We get into the room. No crib. No hot pot to make a bottle. Nothing is ready for us.

That's when I fell to pieces.

I'm so exhausted at this point. Emotionally and physically, I am wrecked. I just wanted to get into the room, feed my sick baby and put her to bed.

We asked our floor attendant for a crib. She said, "I will get you one later tonight." Later tonight? It's getting close to 9pm. What does this mean?

We can't call our guides because we have no idea where they are in the hotel. The baby, bless her heart, is just being a trooper. She is just amazing, this little girl. I'm the one who's spent.

I take the elevator down the lobby and cannot find anyone. Because there are two lobbies and I could not find the lobby we were in. This is a HUGE hotel. And I'm all turned around. Oh and sick and running to any available bathroom.

So much for being the adventurous traveler.

So we fed our baby with room temp water, which the orphanage babies do not like, but she took it. Again, because she is just a great baby.

See, I don't know if this is just how the White Swan works. But when we got to Nanchang, the room had a crib and a baby bath waiting for us. If we had a problem or needed anything, they were there in a second to help. This is supposed to be a super fancy hotel. Nothing was ready in our room.

FInally housekeeping came around with a crib. and then a hot pot. And then we had to ask them for a clock because the room didn't have one and we have an 8am meeting. But baby was already asleep, good girl.

I think I could handle this better on more sleep and feeling better and less mental strain. I just assumed we'd walk into our room and everything would be ready for us. I assumed they would know we were coming with a baby- since there are 12 families coming with babies and all checking in at the same time. I guess it doesn't work that way here.

Again, I am venting. I'm airing my frustration so I can get it all out and get to sleep. If it wasn't so late at night I would probably just brush this off and be like, "No problem, mon!"

I will also feel better when we have our coordinator's room information. Oh and when the noise upstairs stops. Plumbing issues. There is very lound banging upstairs for the past hour. Lovely.

Alright, done bitching. This really isn't THAT BAD. At least we have our luggage. And we have a stunning view of the river. We are right next to the elevators, bah, but we have a great view.

And with that, I sign off a bit frustrated and weary from GZ. Tomorrow is an 8am medical exam, then free all day.

I will be back hopefully with a much better attitude.


Anonymous said...

And the shoe drops...

Hang in there!


callie said...

Sorry it's been such a crummy day. I think we all have those every once in a while when traveling. Hope you wake up feeling miles better!

Katie said...

The lobby you want is all the way down on the first floor. A floor below the main lobby. That is also where breakfast is - the first floor. Your room should have been ready with the crib. No baby baths like before though. BUT the tub is nicer - I just got in with Sofie. We had plumbing probs. too. They did fix it on our last day there. Woo Hoo. Lina is always on the same floor in the WS. ??? 5 or 8? But your travel mates should be right by you on your floor. Being tired just blows everything straight to hell doesn't it? I'm the same way. THose first few days home SUCKED. I was so tired I couldn't see straight.
Hang in there. Can't wait to hear abt. the purses in GZ! And your online buddies!


Katie said...

Man - what floor are you on? I actually have my room key - adoption families are usually in the same place. I bet we had the same room. Right by the elevator - and the attendant with a fab. view of the pearl river and plumming probs. How funny is that.

Katie said...

Looked at my key - no room number on it, but if you want you can see pictures of our room and the view here:

the title of the post is: We Are in Guangzhou from March 3rd.

Had I known I'd have hidden something in there for you!

Shannon said...

Grrrr... this is no where close to your problems, but I just had an problem trying to make a comment.

ANYWAYS, so now I have to try and retype what I said.

Awwww (((Hugs)))
It's okay to b*tch about it! It's not a fun situation, and it's extremely stressful!

Here's hoping that today (or the next day) will be a MUCH better day. 180 degree turnaround.

Love the new haircut!!! :-)

laura said...

I am sure you are exhausted but when you wake up and look at that FABULOUS hair cute you'll feel better.

LOVE the hair sorry it's been a rough day...


grasshopper said...

Hopefully tomorrow goes much better for you guys! If you can find it, yogurt would counter the spicy food and help with your cold.