Monday, June 25, 2007

Some pics

Nanchang and a section of traffic where people are actually following the rules???

The Bug sleeps. Loving the little characters on her blanket. So Asian. Where are the smiling bubbles and grinning triangles?

More pics coming tomorrow. We need to stop and take more pics! We are so busy soaking in the experience that we are not taking pics or much video. We'll be better about that, I promise. And there are some Gotcha pics that we want to keep private just for the family and for her.

Oooh another thought I forgot to include. At the local grocery, they had live eels in tanks. The eels were trying to escape. They were half out of the tanks and falling to the floor. Tomorrow we will see eels on ice at Walmart!


Grasshopper said...

I'm just waiting to see a hello kitty onesie.

Katie said...

Gross - eels. Blech. Sounds like she continues to do so well. And WOW - she is already acting affectionate! Holy smokes. That is wonderful. Really wonderful.

Jenny said...

I love all the details you're writing up as you get time, and it sounds like things are going great. I'm so happy for you! Best wishes getting sleep and still getting everything done you need to.

I look forward to seeing June Bug when you're all back home and have had plenty of family time to settle in. :)

So happy you're blogging this, too.

cybrpunk said...

Eels are nummy! From what I'm told you should see lots of livestock at the local Wal-Mart. Eel, turtles, frogs and maybe chickens. All for the eating.

I miss Wal-Mart....